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Ethics, etiquette and leadership skills focus of conference for Encina students

Point West Rotary’s motto is “service before self.” Staying true to their vision, the club partnered with Encina Preparatory High School to hold its first annual Youth Leadership Conference on April 16 for students. The event was held at Sacramento State University and brought a new level of excitement for student learning.

'It was really fun,' Encina senior Steveonna Prachter said. 'I hope I see them again sometime.'

Local business leaders paired up with more than two dozen students to discuss important concepts like how and why it’s important to make good ethical decisions, what it takes to increase your chances of securing a job during an interview and what being a real leader entails.

“I kind of was just expecting them to talk at us, but they talked with us and interacted with us,” Prachter said. “They gave us really good advice and techniques from their own life experiences.'

“I think a lot of times we don’t talk about ethics,” Point West Rotary Board Member Desiree Wilson said. “We don’t talk about our values or how we make choices and we don’t talk about the fact that the choices we make drive the kind of lives that we have. I think that’s really important. If we can get that concept across and get the students to understand that, then they have a better chance of making better decisions that are going to affect their outcome.”

Point West Youth Conference Video