The mission and objective of the Grant Review Committee shall be to actively investigate, identify, and distribute grants to children’s benevolent organizations in the greater Sacramento Area consistent with the objectives and purpose of the Rotary Club of Point West - Sacramento. The Grant Review Committee may also consider requests from benevolent organizations other than those benefiting children and make appropriate recommendation to the Board of Directors.
Definition:  A children’s benevolent organization for the purpose of being considered for a Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento grant is any 501(c)(3) organization whose primary function is to benefit the health, education, welfare and safety of children and which demonstrates a genuine financial need in those specific areas, and is without finances or resources to meet those specific needs.


All grant awards and recommendations shall be made in accordance with the Operating Guidelines (found in the Links section on this page) and priorities that are established by the Rotary Club of Point West - Sacramento Board of Directors and its Grant Review Committee.  In general, funding requests are NOT considered for:
1.  General operations (operating expenses)
2.  Special events and/or sponsorships


The fiscal year runs July 1st to June 30th annually. There are two grant cycles each fiscal year, July 1 - December 31 AND January 1 - June 30.  
Applications will be accepted during the following periods:
July 1 to December 31
January 1 to May 1 
The allocated charitable budget for the fiscal term shall be divided between the December and June disbursement periods.


All grant applications shall be submitted electronically and shall:
  1. Have an active Rotary Club of Point West-Sacramento member who will serve as an advocate/sponsor of the grant.  Understand that failure to fully complete grant application instructions may result in rejection for due diligence and award consideration
  2. Be submitted using the approved application form (found under the Links section above) including the required documentation of charitable status and other documents as noted in the application instructions (also found in the Links section above).
  3. Have an assigned contact person available to respond to the committee’s due diligence activities
  4. Agree, if notified of a grant award, to send representative to a mutually agreed upon Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento meeting to participate in a check presentation before our club’s Rotarians