PWR members served as volunteers at the annual "Ride The Parkway" benefiting the American River Parkway Foundation. Dan Hall club coordinator for this service project arranged to have members volunteer at different times during the 3.5 hours. Members participating included DG Desiree Wilson, PWR Club PE John Price, Dan Hall, Rich Fathy, Tom Knox, Carol Van Bruggen and her husband Steve Kuhn, Jim Hare, Rich Price, Christine Cahill-Reams, Bob Tilly and Brian Moore.
 90 years old "J C", Ride the Parkway participant, with his recumbent trike.
The event offered three distance rides; Cruiser Route (5 miles), Fixer Route (12 miles) and the Roadie Route (26+ miles) all beginning at William Pond Recreational Area in Carmichael. The club members manned the western most reststop for the Roadie Route beginning at 7 AM thru 10:30 AM. There were 350 riders particpating in the three routes. The PWR volunteers offerred a wide variety of fresh fruit, bake goods, grainola, prepackage energy bars and assorted chips. Of course, bottled water and gatorade were also provided to the participants. Many of the cyclists thanked the volunteers for being there.