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Rotary Club of Point West
Board Resource Manual
Policies & Procedures

FELS Point West Board Manual & Resources
Policies & Procedures

Board Policy on New Members

Point West Board of Directors has adopted a policy statement that the nominated member must have distinguished himself or herself in his/her profession or vocation, or he/she must have distinguished him/herself in the community, or preferably both.

Membership Committee’s Mission and Responsibilities:

  1. Review potential new members (recommended by current members) for their professional integrity, leadership ability and desire to commit time and resources to our club and community.  Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for membership.
  2. Insure that a new member is immediately integrated into our club’s events, projects and social functions and moves from red badge to blue badge within a 6 month period.
  3. Monitor seasoned members that are not involving themselves in club functions and get them reacquainted to reduce the overall rate of club attrition.
  4. Target high profile business and community leaders and recruit for membership.

Who to Nominate As a New Member:

The lifeblood of our club is new members!  If you are thinking of nominating a new member you should consider the following:

  1. Is the proposed member’s character and reputation above reproach?  Does he/she have both personal integrity and social grace that would make them a compatible member?
  2. What is his/her position in the firm and his/her responsibility?  Is he/she the top person in a small company or one of the op three or four in a large company?  If he/she is under 35, consider the person’s potential.
  3. Does his/her profession exceed the maximum of 10% for any one profession within Point West Rotary, i.e. Attorneys, CPAs, Undertakers?
  4. Can the proposed meet the financial obligations of Membership? i.e. tickets for major fundraisers, RI Foundation contributions, PWR Foundation contributions.
  5. What has the proposed done in the community beyond his/her vocational endeavors?  The person to be proposed will ideally have shown an interest in outside activities in the person’s community, vocation or church.  Is the proposed person interested in furthering their business or profession or do they genuinely have interest in their community?  Are they “hands-on”?

How to Nominate a New Member:

 It takes two Rotarians to sponsor a new member.

  1. Having satisfied yourself this person would make a good Rotarian, contact the Membership Committee Chair (Mark Copeland) and request a Member Nomination Form.  Fill out this form and return it to the Chairman.
  2. The nomination is then reviewed by the Committee who determines that the classification.  The Membership Committee verifies the personal reputation of the nominee, both in his/her  business and in the community.  Upon approval an application for membership will be provided to the sponsor.
  3. The sponsor will submit t the Committee Chair a completed application and the initiation fee and prorated dues.
  4. The Committee Chairman will submit the committee’s recommendations and schedule with the President an interview of the proposed member with the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The Board will then vote on the proposed member and if affirmed his/her name will be forwarded to the newsletter editor for publication.
  5. The applicant’s name and proposed classification is then published twice in the Point West Rotary newsletter for general membership notification.
  6. Without written objection by the membership, the applicant is then notified through his sponsor of his/her election to membership.  Any objections to membership should be forwarded to a current Board member and a discussion scheduled at the next Board Meeting.
  7. The Committee Chairman will schedule a “read in” date with the President.

When nominating a new member, the prospective member should not be told of his or her nomination until after the Membership Committee has considered the person’s eligibility and has delivered an application to the nominee.  Even at this point, any mention of the application should include the warning that our bylaws do allow a period of time for notification of the application to the general membership of the club and that objections from the membership can cause the proposal to be withdrawn.

Rotary Club of Point West - Sacramento

Policies and Resolutions
Previous Boards of Directors

1. Fireside Chats - Fine waived for Rule of 85 members

2. Dues Payment - Late fee enforced if payment is not received by August 31, of the current year. Send letter indicating danger of being read out of the Club if dues are not paid by September 30, of current year. Read- out to occur in October Board Meeting.

3. Paul Harris Fellow, Club Matching Funds Policy - Club contributes $0.50 for each $1.00 contributed to RI foundation by member up to first $100.00 per year.

4. Point West Rotary Foundation - Club contributes $0.50 for each $1.00 contributed to RI foundation by member up to first $100.00 per year.

5. Bell Ringers - Bell ringer contributions are unmatched.

6. Christmas Promise Meeting - Members may donate to Christmas Promise, RI Foundation, or PWR Foundation.

7. Leave of Absence - Dues must be current prior to LOA being approved (Typical LOA being 6 months).

8. Former Members Rejoining the Club - All prospective members, including returning PW members, former members of another Club, or first-time Rotarians must pay same new member initiation fees.

9. Participation - Minimum participation at meetings and other "make up events" is 60%.

10. Rotarian of the Year - Club shall provide a plaque each year to recipient.

11. Solicitation of Club Members for non-Club Events and/or Contributions- /business solicitations are inappropriate. Members may highlight their business via "vocational minutes" during a meeting. Policy Statement dated April 15, 2005 (approved on May 3, 2005) regarding charitable activity solicitation follows.

12. Check Cashing at Meetings: The board decided that the club will not cash large checks at breakfast meetings.