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Rotary Club of Point West
New Member Procedures
Sponsor's Duties


Recruiting New Members
Choose a recruiting Plan for the year
Recruiting Process Materials
Recruiting Process

Create a New Member Mentor Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
New Member Board Director
Recruiting Chair
Retention Chair
Prospective new Member
Administrative Assistant
Membership Chairperson
Club Board
Newsletter Editor


There will be 2 parts to the New Membership process, Recruiting and Retention. Each part would be a separate initiative under the New Membership Board Member. The Membership Committee would be made up of the Board Member, the Recruiting Chair and Sub-Chair and the Retention Chair and Sub-Chairs. The AA should be in the loop but should probably not. be an actual member of the Committee. The president can participate if he wants to.



FELS Point West Board Manual & Resources

New Member Procedures

I. Recruiting New Members

A. Choose a recruiting Plan for the year.

Recruiting chairs will communicate and implement the plan for the year.

* What % Net Growth do we want?

* What should our retention number be - How should we measure retention?

* Do we want a Membership Theme?

* Do we want contests, etc?

B. Recruiting Process Materials

1. Each Point West Rotarian should be given the "Prospective New Member Sponsor Instruction & Duties" checklist. (See attachment A)

2. Prospective New Member Packet is available for PW Rotarians when they think they have a potential new member. (See attachment B)

3. A place on the Web site can be added so that we can mail a packet if one is requested.

C. Recruiting Process

1. PW Rotarian brings potential new members to Friday meetings,

2. PW Rotarian requests packet (or Recruiting chairs and/or New Member Board chair listen for table introductions and give at that breakfast meeting).

3. Potential member attends - breakfast meetings.

4. PW Rotarian makes request to Recruiting Chair or Sub-Chair that they and potential new member attend board meeting. Once assigned, sponsor ensures that prospective new member brings completed application, roster information and participation checklist.

5. Board interviews and votes on membership.

6. Board Member relays decision to Recruiting Chairs.

7. Secretary or Executive Secretary will relay vote of Board to sponsors and if approved, requests editor to post in newsletter.

8. Posted in newsletter for 2 weeks.

9. New Member "bag" is assembled. (It includes a couple of documents, "The Objects of Rotary" and "The Four-Way Test." Also included is a brochure on Point West

A pamphlet entitled "What is Rotary", the membership pin, a red new member badge and a polo shirt.)

10. Recruiting Chairs determine date for read"in. Confirms with President and sponsors.

11. Read - in includes sponsors, new member and one of Recruiting Chairs. 12. "Official" Roster picture is taken at read-in by AA.

13. Picture is posted to New Member Board and Roster information is given to roster chair.

14. Retention Committee takes over

II. Retention

Retention efforts should be centered on getting the new member to feel comfortable and to become known and involved as quickly as possible. We want to make then feel like an integral part of the club and then ultimately prepare them for Leadership roles.

A. Create a New Member Mentor Committee (Sergeant -at- Arms & his team) Dan Hall

a. Arrange with Greeter's table Chair for new member to share Greeter's duties for next 2 weeks with assigned Greeter.

b. Plan for 1 of the sergeant-at-arms to sit with new member at next meeting, c. Review club's structure and calendar.

d. Introduce new members to other Rotarians at their breakfast table each meeting for 1 month.

e. Acts as contacts regarding new member "Red Badge to Blue Badge" process.

(see attachment C).

III. Roles & Responsibilities

A. President

1. Determines Membership Goals for year.

2. Communicates Goals to Club

3. Adds sponsor & Prospective New Members to Board Meeting Agenda

4. Adds Read-In to Breakfast Meeting Agenda

5. Welcomes New Member

6. Follows-Up with Membership Board Director on progress

B. New Member Board Director

1. Facilitates Membership Program with President & Membership Committee

2. Holds follow-up meetings with Membership Committee

Membership Chairperson: 

1          Interview applicant 

2          Send application to President 

3          Arranges for Applicant and Sponsors to attend a Club Board Meeting

C. Recruiting Chair - see above

D. Retention Chair - see above

E. Sponsor - See attached Sponsor Instruction & Duties        

1          Complete applications for proposed new member 

2          Summit application to Membership chairperson   

F. Prospective new Member

1 . Attends designated number of breakfast meetings

2. Fills out necessary paperwork in Prospective New Member packet (Membership proposal Form, Roster page, PWR Participation Checklist)

3. Attends Board meeting with Sponsor

4. Attends Read-In Meeting

5. Pays Dues

6. Complete Red Badge to Blue Badge Checklist

G. Administrative Assistant

1. Keeps New Member Packet in Stock

2. Orders Red Badge

3. Orders and keeps available new member "welcome" bag,

4. Takes picture for Roster & Board.

5. Develops picture and posts to board.

6. Sends digital picture to Roster Chair.

7. Order Blue Badge.

Membership Chairperson: 

1          Interview applicant 

2          Send application to President 

3          Arranges for Applicant and Sponsors to attend a Club Board Meeting

4          If approved by the Board sends applicant's name to newsletter editor

            to print in newsletter for 2 consecutive issues 

5          Provided no protest is received from the Club Membership, arranges

            to have applicant at club meeting for Read In 

6          Advises Secretary to prepare the "Rotary in a Bag" 

7          Advises Secretary and President of date for Read-In. 


Club Board: 

1          Reviews application 

2          Interviews proposed new member at Board meeting 

3          Board votes on proposed new member 

4          Membership Chairperson sends applicant's name to newsletter editor

            for posting. 

Newsletter Editor: 

1          Prints applicant's name and sponsors in newsletter for 2 consecutive


2          Places new member on list to receive newsletter by email. 


1          Arranges for new member "Rotary-in-a-bag" and presents to new


            Rotary in a Bag contains: 

                         A. PWR Polo Shirt 

                         B. Rotary pin 

                         C. PWR Club Banner 

                         D. New Member badge 

                         E. PWR pin 

                         F. PWR pamphlet 

                         G. Four-Way Test laminated card 81/2" X 11" 

                         H. Object of Rotary laminated card 81/2" X 11" 

                         I. Red Badge to Blue Badge Checklist 

2          Verifies that all necessary paperwork and dues are collected from

            potential new Member prior to Read-in. 

3          Enters new member into database 

4          Prepares roster Page for distribution to Club 

5          Arranges for photo to be put into New Member display 


1          Assists New Members at meeting by introducing them to Club Members

2          Informs Greeters Chair of New Member so they can be placed on the

            Greeters list ASAP for 3 weeks  

3          After 3 weeks at greeters table, arranges with President Elect for 

            new member to sit a head table for a meeting 

4          Monitors New Members progress on the Red to Blue Badge check list

5          Assist New Member with getting signed up on at least 1 committee.

6          Advises Secretary when New Member has completed the Red Badge to

            Blue badge checklist and is ready for Blue Badge. 

7          Arranges with President Elect to have New Member sit at Head Table

            for receipt of Blue Badge in presentation to Club.