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Rotary Club of Point West
Board Resource Manual

The Point West Board Resources Manual is tool for Point West Board members. It provides you, at your finger tips, with club documents, policies and other resources. This CD contains the following items:

Most of the above items are located on this CD-ROM, while the rosters are on-line. The rosters will be update as member's data change and new members are added.

If you need assistance with this CD please contact the Administrative Assistants at: GeorgeDan@PointWestRotary.com

I am sure we will meet our 2008-09 Club Goals and have another sucessful year serving the Sacramento community.....

Charlene Drabant,
2008-09 Term President



1. HAVE FUN – Always a “Number One” with Point West. Involve the members. Direct the energy and talent in the Club to foster fellowship, humor, and accomplish good works to benefit the community.

2. MEMBERSHIP – Increase membership by 5% or net 9 new members by June 30, 2009. Encourage new members who are involved to bring colleagues, business associates, friends to our breakfast meetings.

3. SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE – Create a sponsorship committee of four members, each member serving two years on a rotating basis. New members will be chosen by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board Member responsible for this area of service. Policies and procedures will be developed by the committee to ensure continuity with sponsors.

4. CLUB SERVICE – Achieve 100% participation in Point West Rotary Foundation. Increase meeting participation by at least 5% through attendance and by encouraging make ups and involvement in committees which count as a make up.

5. COMMUNITY SERVICE – Increase amount raised by the two major fundraisers, Brewfest and Festa de Vino, by a minimum of $10,000. Establish tutoring program at Thomas Edison Elementary School. Add American River Parkway clean up on Earth Week.

6. VOCATIONAL SERVICE - Meet with Encina administration and increase involvement in school projects and Business Academy. Sponsor at least one “Ambassadorial Scholar”.

7. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE – Sponsor an RYE student and GSE team member. Generate more than $100.00 per member or $16,000 for Rotary International.