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Rotary Club of Point West
Board Rescource Manual
Board Duties & Responsibilites

Board of Directors July 2, 2008 - June 30, 2009 & Assignments

Point West Board Manual and Resources
Duties and Responsabilities

Duties and Responsibilities of Club Officers


  1. Lead weekly meetings.
  2. Lead monthly Board Meetings.
  3. Monitor Club goals and encourage members to achieve them.
  4. Oversee Club finances with the counsel of the Club Treasurer.
  5. Communicate with and listen to needs and concerns of Boards Officers, Past Presidents and Club Members.


President Elect

  1. Observe and learn about the Presidency.
  2. Assist President Charlene as needed during the term.
  3. Monitor the District Governor’s timeline for planning your term.
  4. Schedule Fireside Chats for January and February 2009.
  5. Encourage members to attend the District Convention (May 2009) in Rohnert Park.
  6. Lead weekly meetings in absence of President Charlene.
  7. Attend Pre-PETS and PETS.
  8. Attend monthly Board Meetings.


Past President

  1. Offer advice and counsel to President Charlene.
  2. Be prepared to lead weekly meeting if needed.
  3. Coordinate President Elect-Elect and Board slate meeting.
  4. Coordinate mid-year election.
  5. Procure Presidential gavel Plaque and Past President Pin for presentation at the Demotion Party.
  6. Attend monthly Board meetings.



  1. Business/Administrative Manager of the Club

                        a. Oversee Club Administrative Assistant Duties:

i. Maintain membership records

ii. Maintain weekly attendance records at meetings to include having   weekly sign in sheets available at the beginning of each weekly meeting.

iii. Completes checklist for New Member process.

iv. Coordinates District Awards Program.

v. Coordinate update of Club Display for District Conference and   any other event.

vi. Complete required reports and pay dues to Rotary International

    including the membership reports due on July 1, October 1,

    January 1, and April 1.

   vii. Report new memberships, terminations of memberships, and

   any changes in membership to Rotary International within 30 days 

   of change.

   viii. Report membership and attendance monthly to District   

   Governor by the deadline.

   ix. Maintain and update the Club roster.  Advise President, PE, and

   Secretary as changes occur.  Coordinate printing of Pocket Roster

   Updates and distribution to the Club.

b. Record and preserve minutes of meetings (including special Board meetings).

c. Prepare correspondence and notices as directed by the President and Board.

d. Send thank you notes to each guest speaker.

e. Coordinate the Club’s report to the District Governor for the District 5180 Awards program.

f. Serve as contact person for purchase of Rotary materials for the Club.

2. Attend Board meetings each month.


  1. Prepare Club Operational Budget for approval by the Board.
  2. Maintain accurate and timely financial records for the Club.
  3. Make all deposits of funds received for and issue all checks paid from the Club’s operational account.
  4. Provide written and oral financial reports at all Board meetings on the Club’s operational funds.
  5. Advise the President on all matters regarding club operational finances.
  6. Prepare and submit all required federal and state tax returns of the Club for the term.



  1. Collect all fines and scooter passes.
  2. Organize and perform skits with other Sergeants as requested.
  3. Advise the President of any member achievements, honors, activities suitable for recognition and fines at the weekly meetings.
  4. Arrange for “Continental Breakfast” foods for the Board meetings.
  5. Assure that members, visiting Rotarians and guests are introduced, welcomed and seated for start of the meeting.
  6. Maintain and deliver the portable microphone to members when introducing guests or making announcements.
  7. Act as “Fine Master” when requested.
  8. Organize Sergeant-at Arms help as requested for District Assemblies and Conferences.
  9. Attend Board Meetings each month.
  10. Top

    Duties and Responsibilities of Club Directors


    1. Attend Board meetings each month and when called specially.
    2. For first year Directors, meet with outgoing Directors for advice, insight, etc.
    3. Recruit Chairs for each of your committees/projects
      1. Maintain close communication with each of your chairs to ensure projects and events within your area of service are proceeding in a timely manner.
      2. Ensure each chair has a co-chair, so that there is a “back-up” and continuity in the following year.
      3. Ask members to get involved, especially encourage your Chairs to enlist new members.
      4. Monitor and assist Chairs with plans and strategies to achieve the goal and insure successful events and projects.
    1. Attend and participate in Club events and projects
    2. Prepare your monthly report to present at the monthly Board meetings. Be ready to discuss the status of each project and committee in your area of service.  Board meeting time will focus on current and upcoming events, as well as, new business.
    3. Keep the President informed regarding member achievements, honors, events suitable for recognition and fines at weekly meetings.


    Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento

    Club Service I


    Club Service II


    Community Service I


    Community Service II




    Vocational Service I


    Vocational Service II




    Administrative Assistant Duties

    1. Membership:
      1. Develop checklist for Membership Committee duties
      2. Verify the membership package includes:
                                                        i.      The “Areas of Service” bound booklet

                                                                 ii.      Info on duties, cost, involvement, expectations

                                                                iii.      History of the Club

                                                               iv.      Fireside Chat forms for new members to complete

      1. Arrange for Potential Member to attend a Board Meeting
      2. Notify Newsletter Editor of posting of New Member
      3. Assemble New Member package (roster, shirt, red badge, etc.) for presentation at Read-In.
      4. Upon Read-In inform Greeter Table Chair.  After Read-In, New Member should be assigned as Greeter, Money Taker, Ticket Taker for three consecutive weeks.
      5. Arrange for New-Member to sit at head table on the 4th week.
      6. Verify completion of Red-Badge to Blue Badge requirements.
    1. District Awards Program.  Develop a spread sheet that tracks what each member has been involved in over the term.  Obtain the forms from Chairs, collate the report and submit package to the District.
    1. Roster
      1. Updates for new members and changes
      2. Pocket Roster mid year
      3. Distribute rooster updates each January and July
    2. District correspondence and reporting
    3. Attend Friday Meetings
      1. Monitor Attendance Forms, forward to Treasurer
      2. Report to District
    4. Consolidate functions



1. HAVE FUN – Always a “Number One” with Point West. Involve the members. Direct the energy and talent in the Club to foster fellowship, humor, and accomplish good works to benefit the community.

2. MEMBERSHIP – Increase membership by 5% or net 9 new members by June 30, 2009. Encourage new members who are involved to bring colleagues, business associates, friends to our breakfast meetings.

3. SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE – Create a sponsorship committee of four members, each member serving two years on a rotating basis. New members will be chosen by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board Member responsible for this area of service. Policies and procedures will be developed by the committee to ensure continuity with sponsors.

4. CLUB SERVICE – Achieve 100% participation in Point West Rotary Foundation. Increase meeting participation by at least 5% through attendance and by encouraging make ups and involvement in committees which count as a make up.

5. COMMUNITY SERVICE – Increase amount raised by the two major fundraisers, Brewfest and Festa de Vino, by a minimum of $10,000. Establish tutoring program at Thomas Edison Elementary School. Add American River Parkway clean up on Earth Week.

6. VOCATIONAL SERVICE - Meet with Encina administration and increase involvement in school projects and Business Academy. Sponsor at least one “Ambassadorial Scholar”.

7. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE – Sponsor an RYE student and GSE team member. Generate more than $100.00 per member or $16,000 for Rotary International.